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Interactive Concerts and Workshops

Norma Brooks and colleagues perform and teach her music in concerts and workshops for congregations, community centers, and individuals who want to encourage musical participation by congregants.  


"O Come, Let Us Sing": A Singing Workshop"

If you love to sing, this workshop is the one to choose. Norma and friends sing and teach her original compositions. You’ll come away with melodies to use in services and to share with others. The workshop is suitable for individuals and small or large groups of any denomination; knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary.


"Sing a New Song": Composing New Jewish Liturgical Music

When Norma composes a melody, she carefully considers the text, its place in the liturgy, and the person or occasion around which she is composing. In this workshop, she explains her composing process, stressing how she selects a text and works with it until a melody emerges.


"They Gave Forth Melodies, Songs, and Praises…": One Text, Many Melodies

What mood and cultural context are conveyed by different melodies for the same prayer? How do different melodies influence our understanding of a prayer? This workshop explores these questions by comparing different composers’ settings of the same texts.


"…In the Assembled Congregation of the Upright":

Artist in Residence: This hands-on program is for congregations that encourage and enjoy singing in their services. In it, Norma and friends attend your service as a participant/leader, incorporating the teaching of her melodies into the service, and encouraging the entire congregation to join in singing them


Please contact for further information on concert, lecture or program bookings.

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