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Your Bountiful Light companion book is perfect for listeners, musicians, cantors, choir directors and service leaders, the 90-page, spiral-bound companion book to the CD includes:

  • two musical sections: "The Melodies," as written by Norma Brooks, and  "The Arrangements" of the melodies, by Hazzan Ramón Tasat and Cantor Natasha J. Hirschhorn

  • musical notation with chords

  • Hebrew text and transliteration

  • English translation by Professor Everett Fox

  • notes on the liturgical context for all 14 melodies on the CD

  • vocal/choral arrangements for 11 of the melodies


A foreword by Hazzan Tasat, an essay by the composer, and a photo essay give readers insight into Norma Brooks' music. Rounding out the book is a guide to transliteration and a glossary of Hebrew and Yiddish terms.


Choral selections are usually published as individual works. This groundbreaking book is the first collection of Jewish liturgical music published as a compendium of melodies and arrangements.


"The music is very uplifting and joyous, and there is a feeling of lightness throughout the congregation and the Choir when the songs are performed. We have truly enjoyed using the Your Bountiful Light companion book in our Adult Choir since the High Holidays. The books are wonderful because the texts are laid out clearly in Hebrew and in English and the melodies are separate from the arrangements. I begin by teaching the Choir the melody and then we put it together with the text. After they absorb the basic song and really feel the music, we move on to the choral version."

Cantor Janet Roth Krupnick

Summit Jewish Community Center,

Summit, New Jersesy


"This summer a colleague shared with me this wonderful rendition of our liturgy. I was very much taken by the music and the sense of kavanah communicated by the singers. This composer, the director, and the music are pointing us in an important direction—toward the continued revitalization of Jewish music."

Rabbi Neal Rose, Senior Scholar

Dept. of Religion, University of Manitoba



Dedication: This book is dedicated to the memory of Paul Lichterman (1945 - 1983), beloved husband of Dr. Norma Brooks, and to Hannah Ticktin (1948 - 1991), dear friend of Dr. Brooks.


“..Your Bountiful Light composer Norma Brooks has found just the right notes to serve.”

The Psalm Full of Soul companion songbook is perfect for listeners, musicians, choir directors and service leaders, this 110 page, spiral-bound companion book to the CD includes:

•  musical notation with chords
•  Hebrew text, Arabic text and transliteration
•  notes on the liturgical context for all 13 melodies on the CD
​•  vocal/choral arrangements for 13 of the melodies

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