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The Music of Composer and Singer Norma Brooks


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"I find the Your Bountiful Light music to be an excellent and refreshing musical experience."

Thomas Beveridge,

Composer and Conductor, Washington, DC



"I immediately became intoxicated with the music and the arrangements, and they have become a significant part of my musical life since that day."

Alan Ehrlich,

Choral Singer and Service Leader,

Washington, DC



"I was deeply moved by parts of the concert in ways that took me by surprise, since I am mostly unfamiliar with Jewish liturgical music. First of all, I was on the verge of tears with the haunting beauty of several of the pieces which, for me, tapped into a mixture of spiritual longing and sense of the bitter-sweet depths of the experience of life. . . . "

Dr. Roger Landrum,

Washington, DC



"I feel as if I’m a witness to something you can normally observe only in time lapse photography -- a process, like a plant flowering, that is quite miraculous -- all this new creation materializing while we watch and listen and while we sing as one voice."

Julia Paradise,

Choral Singer,

Washington, DC



"Really, no words can describe it except "beautiful" and " spiritually moving" . . . I wish I could have brought along a ton of people that I know would have loved it -- you have to be there in person to experience it."

Meredith Morris,

Darnestown, Maryland



"The Concert was special and magical! I was very moved by the music and all the wonderful voices. Everything came together with very rich textures. Norma has really touched people. In my opinion, this marks the formal beginning of a grand journey of new music that will bring a spirituality and joyful sound to many."

Solomon G. Jacobson z"l,

Washington, DC



"Music is an integral part of the Jewish communal worship experience, serving as the emotional expression of the prayer texts. In Your Bountiful Light, composer Norma Brooks has found just the right notes to serve. Each melody is simple enough to invite congregational participation, while the brilliant choral arrangements by Ramón Tasat and Natasha J. Hirschhorn add yet another layer to the emotional content. As a professional musician working with amateur choirs and singers, I appreciate how well the arrangements are written for the voice. As a Jew, I revel in the way in which these melodies uplift and transport me as I join my voice together with others in prayer."

Sharon Steinberg,

Alexandria, VA

“It's weeks after the concert, and I can't stop humming the tunes!
I'm looking forward to incorporating a number
of the melodies into our regular Shabbat services.”



Rabbi Ethan Seidel,
Tifereth Israel Congregation,
Washington, DC

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